Can you make a bow with knife? 0
Can you make a bow with knife?

Many people, getting interested in bow making, expect big expenses on tools and machines to be able to build a functional bow. The truth is, an advanced equipment may make the process easier and quicker, but it’s not necessary at all. What if I told you, you can reduce the list of tools required tools to make a fully efficient and durable bow to the single one?

But is there a tool that can handle all the stages of the process, from harvesting material through roughing out to the precision requiring tillering works? If you are determined enough, there is. And I mean here a solid big knife. If it’s properly made one, it can be used as a hatchet, drawknife and scraper at once. The function it realizes depends on the way you use it. What surprised me a little, despite the significant size of my knife, even carving string grooves isn’t a big problem.

A single tool being enough to finish a functional weapon is also a good solution for survival situations. Out there in the wilderness, you can’t carry the whole workshop with you. Learning to wield a knife and working down a piece of wood to the finished product will let you create also other useful gear pieces.

The bow you see in the thumbnail was entirely made by me with the use of a knife. This particular tool was designed and made by my friend ( ) for making bows, but you don’t need such dedicated one. Any knife that is solid and strong enough will do the job.

Watch the whole making process with the use of knife only here:


Working with tools like knife, always remember about your safety and using proper precautions. Chopping the wood be careful and learn proper technique, also always wear safety glasses and gloves. Sanding wood wear anti-dust mask and work in a ventilated place. Safety first!




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